Cast Aluminium Gutters

Here at Embassy Guttering we take pride in our stock of aluminium gutters made to last long and more cost effective than cast iron.

Aluminium Gutters are extremely durable and a great choice for coping with wet weather or snow.

Aluminium does not rust, any exposed aluminium surfaces simply oxidise to create a natural barrier.

Cast aluminium guttering also has the look and feel of cast iron but is substantially lighter weight which makes it much easier to handle and install.

We also offer a range of projects to suit each household.

Here are some of the main reason we recommend Embassy Guttering’s Aluminium gutters;

Light Weight 

Aluminium is a very light metal with a specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3, about a third that of steel. This light weight makes the gutters easy to instal and a lot more safe then heavier materials.

Different styles

This material makes it easy for us to design your gutters around your home. Aluminium we provide comes in many different styles and shapes to match the rest of your exterior home.

Long life with low maintenance

Aluminium forms a protective oxide coating that makes it highly corrosion resistant. This means you don’t need to worry about cleaning and repairing your gutters as often with this material as its made to last decades. This then reduces environmental impacts due to replacements and maintenance being low.


The metal is used in applications where high-strength and durability are the most important considerations like in cars and trucks to building material to military vehicles. Therefore it is no surprise that aluminium is one of the strongest materials on the earth and produce though long lasting gutters.