Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Regular gutter cleaning will save you money and heartache in the long run

Keeping your gutters clean is very important in avoiding any long-term damage to your home. Maintaining your gutters can avoid costly problems down the line due to leaks or mold.

At Embassy Guttering we have cleaned literally thousands of gutters, downpipes and soffit and fascias throughout Dublin. Our company guarantees a high quality clean and your 100% satisfaction with our service. We are second to none in the Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance industry, therefore you know you are in good hands when you call Embassy Guttering.

  • Do your gutters need their regular clean?
  • Are you having problems with your gutters such as leaking from the joints or perhaps there is a hole in your gutter?
  • Are your gutters loose or falling away from their supports?

At Embassy Guttering we can sort out any of these problems. Give us a call and we will drop out for a look.


By sorting out gutter problems sooner rather than later you are giving yourself the best chance to save money in the long run.We will clean, fix or replace your gutters in the best, most efficient, most economical way possible.

Below are some little tips you can keep in mind if you want to keep your gutters in the best shape – but remember always call the professionals in regularly to ensure your gutters are in great shape

  • Cleaning gutters a strong garden hose with a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle is best. This type of spray nozzle allows you to adjust the water pressure with the use of just one hand. A pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle can be easily hung over the front edge of the gutter while using a gutter scoop.
  • Using a plastic scooping tool is perfect for scooping out leafy debris and are much better then metal scooping tools as the bottom of the gutter can become damaged and scratched.
  • Most gutters lead to needing repair due to the water carrying debris and soil through the gutter water flow and creating a build up that can eventually make water leak inside the house. This is why its hugely important to keep your gutters free of debris and soil.
  • Gutters can develop deep holes from being punctured by falling branches or sharp tools. Occasionally, you’ll find a hole that someone drilled through a gutter in an attempt to drain standing water. (If a gutter isn’t draining properly, it’s either not sloping toward the downspout or its sagging and needs to be raised.)
  • Another common repair needed is fixing leaky joints. Over time, the joints between lengths of gutter can fail and even seamless gutters aren’t immune to drips.

With Embassy Guttering we offer an excellent cleaning and repair system to all types of gutters. If you are unsure as to what you need give us a call. Please don’t risk going up onto a ladder yourself if you are not confident in doing so, its not worth the risk, call us and we will be there as quick as we can.

Embassy Guttering are Dublin’s best gutter cleaning service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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