PVC Gutters

New PVC Gutters are becoming more and more popular around Ireland. These PVC gutters are extremely strong, flexible, inexpensive, durable, adaptable and easy to install.

At Embassy Guttering our highly skilled team will install your PVC gutters with ease. Here are some of the top reasons why they are a good option.


The first reason to use PVC is because of its strength. PVC is made from molded plastic which means that the gutters are formed in one continuous unit. The weight of snow, ice or other loads will have less of an effect on PVC gutters. Plus, ladders will not dent the material and any blemishes on the surface will not be visible.


Next reason why PVC is such an amazing material for guttering is it’s flexibility. Unlike metal gutters, PVC will not lose its shape when it bows slightly. It is made to be able to bow with weight. Metal gutters are flexible, but when their shape is distorted they stay that way. Bending, denting and twisting effects in metal gutters are easily visible and can become an eyesore. With PVC, you avoid these problems.


Here we offer good quality workmanship for great prices! The PVC gutters are less expensive then metal and with Embassy Guttering your guaranteed high quality for the right price.


Because PVC gutters are injection molded plastic, their shape and colour can be adapted to the style of your home. This means you can match your gutters precisely with the exterior of your home. Giving you more freedom on how your home looks.


PVC is very light, flexible and strong. It is also water resistant meaning PVC gutters will never freeze, rust or corrode. The material is more durable, especially in regions prone to extreme weather, PVC is superior to metal gutters.