Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless Aluminum Gutters are our most popular type of new gutter.

Why? Simply put, Seamless Aluminum Gutters are the best type of gutter for your home or premises.

When you are looking for NEW GUTTERS in Dublin Embassy Guttering should be top of your list. Top of our list when it comes to new gutters is SEAMLESS ALUMINUM GUTTERS. This type of guttering is low maintenance. Because it is made from aluminum it doesn’t need to be repaired as often as other types of guttering and it also doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.

Seamless Aluminum Gutters sound perfect right?

Well there are even more benefits…
Because they are seamless there are no joints, no joints means no leaking, fantastic !

In addition to this they look great. You can match the colour to your house or go with a contrasting colour which looks very smart.

Aluminum is also quite economical and comes made to the exact size.

The other type of gutters we do are PVC. Here at Embassy Guttering we use top quality PVC products supplied by Celuplast, Baldoyle. Having gutters put in place correctly and maintaining gutters is the most important thing you can do to prevent water damage to your home.

Gutters are made to channel water away from the foundation but in order for gutters to do their job properly, they have to be made to last. That is why we use PVC guttering, which is proven to be stronger, more flexible, long lasting and easy to install.

Here we can see in this photo some of the worst mistakes made when installing gutters. No drains or splash blocks means when water leaves the downspouts its not being directed away from the structure and without either of these water will find its way into and under the foundation. This can cause mold, mildew, foundation settlement and dry rot.

Our PVC is made from plastic and allows gutters to be formed as continuous units. This means the gutters are extremely strong and won’t dent with the weight of a ladder and will hold up better in snow and icy weather.

Another mistake made with installation can be a lack of flashing between the back of the gutters and the wooden support structure of the roof. Without flashing, bare wood is exposed to the water and debris can pass through the gutters causing possible dry rot, termites, roof rot and insect infestation.

At Embassy Guttering our gutters do not loose their shape as it’s built to handle weight. This makes them far more flexible than metal gutters and ultimately a better choice for your home.

Another huge benefit we offer is that our PVC gutters are custom made to match your home and are easily installed. The gutters are light and snap easily together, saving you and our team time and money on more complicated materials.