Cast Iron Gutters

Cast Iron Gutters

At Embassy Guttering we use the best cast iron gutters which are stored and handled with care to prevent any scratches or dents.

With cast iron gutters we recommend to regularly clean out rainwater heads and gutters. When cleaning out gutters ensure that downpipes are clear at all times. Check that joints and fixings are secure by periodic inspection. Do an inspection at least twice a year, and preferably at the beginning of Autumn and again at the end of Winter. Sand-cast iron is an inherently durable material. Also with the high standard of maintenance from Embassy Guttering, an installation should have a life of at least 40 years.

Cast Iron is the mixture of silicon and carbon and are added during the process so as to improve its physical properties. Both of these materials help to make the cast iron gutters to be an ideal material for the manufacture of different types of products.

Here are some of the advantages of using cast iron gutters;


One of the major advantages is that they are natural. They will not have any sort of a harmful impact on the environment. Since they are natural, they can be recycled completely.


Cast iron gutters are known to provide longevity. They are strong and it is for this reason that they are able to adapt to the different situations. In this way the cast iron gutters will be able to perform at their best. They will also last you for a long time.

Aesthetic appeal

Customers also love the look of cast iron gutters. The gutters provide an aesthetic appeal to the home.

Able to withstand any weather

Embassy Guttering can ensure that your cast iron gutters will be able to tackle the heavy rains and frosty snow of the Irish weather all year round.