Happy New Year – Clean Gutters this Winter

We wish you a very Happy New Year from Embassy Guttering. We hope you have clean gutters that are winter ready for the icy weather ahead.

This year our workers will be preparing for the winter weather by making providing our customers with clean gutters. Also to be aware when hanging lights and decorations on the exterior of your home.

Many accidents are caused by gutter hooks or lights attached to loose gutters. Please ensure your gutters are secure and strong enough to hold decorations.

Image of winter ready gutters

If your gutters feel loose or unreliable, call a professional for another look. Your gutters may need a repair, clean or replacement.

Before removing the Christmas lights, put safety first and always have another person by your side. Ensure your ladder is stable and durable. Choose a time when the wind and rain is mild.

Check your gutters for any missing or loose shingles as the winter weather can cause more damage. At Embassy Guttering we are experts at fixing any job no matter how big or small.

If you are fearful of ice dams formatting on your roof. Extra insulation in your attic or upper crawlspace can help prevent icy roofs.

In some cases ice can build up in and around your gutters. If this does occur, please do not try scrap or saw the ice away. You may do more damage to your gutters particularly if they are old. The best thing to do is allow the ice to melt away.

If you are in need of having your gutters cleaned, repaired or replaced contact us here 01 832 6266

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Image of winter ready gutters

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