New Gutters in Dublin

New Gutters in Dublin

Do you need new gutters in Dublin? Are your gutters looking worn, rusty, loose or blocked up?

Embassy Guttering have offices on both the Northside and Southside of Dublin and we provide the highest standard of new gutters in Dublin.

Gutters can become damaged from bad weather conditions or lack of maintenance. To avoid large repair jobs on your gutters or replacing your gutters, ensure you clean out your gutters regularly. You can do this by cleaning out all the water and debris such as leaves and sticks from the gutters.

At Embassy Guttering, not only do we provide new gutters in Dublin but we also offer a gutter cleaning service. For more information on cleaning your gutters, see here.

Blocked gutters can cause leaks outside and inside your home. The longer you leave a broken gutter, the worse it will get! Your clogged gutter system will not only prevent water from draining properly but the gutter can pull away from the wall causing outdoor maintenance to secure your gutters back onto your home.

When cleaning or repairing your gutters is not enough, Embassy Guttering have a range of new gutters in Dublin to choose from. With our most popular type of gutters being the seamless aluminium gutters. 

Seamless aluminum gutters are the most economical type of gutter for your home or premises. So when you are looking for new gutters in Dublin make sure you shop around and make sure you contact Embassy Guttering.

Additional benefits to having seamless aluminum gutters also include no joints so no leaks, comes in a range of colours to match your home, economical and made to exact sizing. 

Our new gutters in Dublin also includes PVC gutters and cast aluminium gutters. 

To get a quote on your gutters or for more information, please contact us here

Protect your home from rotten wood

Protect your home from rotten wood

Our recent work, taking care of rotten wood and putting in new gutters.

Here at Embassy Guttering we have seen rotten wood and badly ruined gutters. Here is how we step by step remove old gutters, add new aluminium gutters and add our facia and soffit.

First of all, what is facia and soffit. A lot of people in Dublin don’t know what facia and soffit is so therefore cant take care of it properly or replace it. A strong clean facia and soffit can greatly improve the look of your home. Check out the video below to see exactly where your facia and soffit is.

Recently we were working on a house with very bad rotten wood. The wood had also been covered by PVC which made the house worse. The rotten wood had spread all over the external area of the home. The wood had to be completely removed and gutters replaced. New facia and soffit was also installed. Take a look at our video and make sure you prevent your home from rotten wood.

Before replacing old gutters, we must tear down the old ones. Your builder must be fully qualified before taking down gutters. Check out our video below of our builders removing old gutters.

We use our machine on site for creating gutters and measuring them to size. The customer can see their gutters as they are being made and we can confirm they are satisfied with the results. Here you can see our machine in action before adding the gutter to it’s new home.

Lastly putting up aluminium gutters with new PVC fascia and soffit. The house already looks so more attractive, clean and clear of any rot!

For more information on our new gutters, click the link here.


Happy New Year – Clean Gutters this Winter

Happy New Year – Clean Gutters this Winter

We wish you a very Happy New Year from Embassy Guttering. We hope you have clean gutters that are winter ready for the icy weather ahead.

This year our workers will be preparing for the winter weather by making providing our customers with clean gutters. Also to be aware when hanging lights and decorations on the exterior of your home.

Many accidents are caused by gutter hooks or lights attached to loose gutters. Please ensure your gutters are secure and strong enough to hold decorations.

Image of winter ready gutters

If your gutters feel loose or unreliable, call a professional for another look. Your gutters may need a repair, clean or replacement.

Before removing the Christmas lights, put safety first and always have another person by your side. Ensure your ladder is stable and durable. Choose a time when the wind and rain is mild.

Check your gutters for any missing or loose shingles as the winter weather can cause more damage. At Embassy Guttering we are experts at fixing any job no matter how big or small.

If you are fearful of ice dams formatting on your roof. Extra insulation in your attic or upper crawlspace can help prevent icy roofs.

In some cases ice can build up in and around your gutters. If this does occur, please do not try scrap or saw the ice away. You may do more damage to your gutters particularly if they are old. The best thing to do is allow the ice to melt away.

If you are in need of having your gutters cleaned, repaired or replaced contact us here 01 832 6266

Check out our home page for more information on all our services HERE.

Image of winter ready gutters

Having your gutters cleaned | Dublin, regularly will save you

Having your gutters cleaned | Dublin, regularly will save you

A lot of homeowners cannot remember the last time their gutters were cleaned, or if they were ever cleaned.

Your gutters play a huge role in maintaining the structure of your home. Regularly cleaned gutters will save you money, save you time and prevent damage to your home.

Image of gutters cleaned | Dublin
Have your gutters cleaned | Dublin by professionals. Credit: Embassy Guttering


Gutters provide a drainage system for rainwater off your roof. This simple job can be stopped by blocked gutters which can then cause irreversible damage.

If you are avoiding having your gutters cleaned | Dublin, blocked damage can result in high repair costs, time wasted and can even result in dampness within the home. This can cause serious health problems for you and your family.

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. The best time to do this is the end of Autumn after plants loose their leaves. Also before the bad winter weather arrives.

Blockage within gutters is the most common causes of badly damaged gutters and can make the exterior of your home unappealing. The blockage is usually due to debris like fallen leaves and moss. One simple way to tell if you’re in need of gutter repairs is to take a step outside while it’s raining – if water is running down the side of your house, it’s likely that your gutters are blocked.

Image of gutters cleaned | Dublin
Have your gutters cleaned | Dublin by professionals. Credit: Embassy Guttering


It is important to hire a professional to clean the gutters properly to avoid further damage. Qualified gutter repair companies will have the proper equipment. A professional will also be able to advise you how to keep your gutters clean.

With Embassy Guttering we offer an excellent cleaning and repair system to all types of gutters. If you are unsure as to what you need give us a call. Please don’t risk going up onto a ladder yourself if you are not confident in doing so, it’s not worth the risk, call us and we will be there as quick as we can.

Embassy Guttering are Dublin’s best gutter cleaning service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

For information about new gutters – visit our new gutters page


Check out our work!

Check out our work!

At Embassy Guttering we take pride in the work we do. We want you to be able to see the work we do before hiring us. We are experts in repairing and installing high quality fascia, soffits and gutters for your home.

Take care of your home and make sure you tackle damaged roofs before it’s too late. Here are some pictures of our recent work.

Working on some damaged gutters in Leixlip earlier today – we offer services including repairing and replacing gutters.


A house in Tallaght needed repaired gutters and new fascia installed. The wood was rotten and dangerously breaking apart from out of date materials and whether damage. We repaired the gutters and replaced the wood quickly and easily.


The facia and soffits are the two most important parts of the roof and we managed to instal new ones along with new gutters before it led to any damage such as leaks or costly repairs.


As you can see from the photos, the old wood being used with rusty nails is severely damaged. The new facia, soffit and gutters make a huge difference to the appearance of your home.


The new fascia, soffit and gutters will never have to be painted again and are a lot more durable then before. They are also easier to keep clean and improve the appearance of your home.

Matching your fascia, soffit & gutters to your windows

Matching your fascia, soffit & gutters to your windows

Your fascia, soffit and gutters are integral parts to protecting your home from adverse weather conditions. They will run along the edges of your roof and down the side of your home, and you’ll want to ensure that they look good as well as function properly. Choosing the right colour for your fascia, soffit and gutters is key here – you will want them to coordinate well with your home’s existing colour scheme, without standing out too much. The most popular choice is generally to choose a neutral or low-key shade for your trim that blends in seamlessly with your home’s exterior colour scheme. The other option is to look at your window treatments, and consider matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows!

matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows24

Your windows’ trim colour is likely to blend in subtly already with your exterior colour scheme, and many people will choose a neutral theme for these, such as white, black, grey or cream. Other homeowners will choose a colour that provides a delightful contrast to their home’s exterior walls. A traditional-style cottage with white walls may look incredible with a rich shade of red or green along the window trim, and matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to this colour could look equally eyecatching.

Check out this home before we applied a brand new fascia and gutter:

matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows

Now check out the fantastic style of the home after we installed beautiful matching grey fascia and gutters to complement the existing window treatments!

matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows

Depending on the material you choose for your gutters, there is quite a lot of customisation you can do to match in with your window treatments. Aluminium and PVC gutters are available in a wide variety of colours, ensuring you can match your existing colour scheme as closely as possible. Embassy Guttering offer a wide range of guttering solutions so that you have the most aesthetically pleasing style applied to your home, while also ensuring you have only the highest quality materials. We also offer fascia and soffit in white, brown and black to easily blend in with your roofing material. Talk to us today about what treatments we can offer to help you in matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows, and be sure to check out our Facebook page to learn about our recent projects!

Contact us today on 01 8326266 or email for more information!


The Benefits of Seamless Aluminium Gutters

The Benefits of Seamless Aluminium Gutters

Choosing what type of gutters to install in your home or premises can be a difficult decision. What type of material should you choose? How is it going to look alongside your existing structural features? Seamless aluminium gutters are an ideal solution for this. They have a wide variety of benefits, and will look fantastic on your building! Today we’re exploring the many benefits of seamless aluminium gutters.

seamless aluminium gutters

Aluminium is an incredibly low maintenance material, meaning it doesn’t need to be repaired as often as other types of guttering. Gutters with joints are usually prone to accumulating debris such as leaves. Even small items of rubbish can get into the gutters and cause the gutters to become clogged. Seamless aluminium gutters are exactly that – seamless – meaning debris won’t become clogged on the sections and cause it to back up and leak. This allows for an easier flow of water and material down the gutter, meaning you won’t have to clean it out as often as other types of guttering!

seamless aluminium gutters

Seamless aluminium gutters have no joints, unlike their sectional counterparts, ensuring they minimise the potential for leaks. Wear and tear to normal sectional gutters can cause their seams to become damaged, allowing water to flow through to your building.  This greatly decreases the risk of water damage and leaks to your home, and provides added protection to your roof. The absence of joints and seams in a seamless gutter makes them an ideal solution for long-wearing protection to your property.

Your gutter is constructed from a single sheet of metal, giving it a far more sleek and minimalist look than sectional pieces of guttering. It can be painted in a wide variety of colours, ensuring you can match in exactly with your property’s colour scheme! Seamless gutters are made to measure to ensure they fit your property perfectly. It is not something that can be easily installed though, so we always recommend using a professional installer – this type of service will ensure that they are installed correctly and expertly, ensuring you are not faced with unexpected maintenance costs down the line.

To discover more about Embassy Guttering and our range of made-to-measure seamless aluminium gutters, contact us in Dublin today on 01 8326266 or email!






Fascia and Soffit – When to Repair & Replace

Fascia and Soffit – When to Repair & Replace

Fascia and Soffits | Dublin

Your roof is made up many different components which work together to ensure your home is protected. The fascia and soffit boards sit at the very bottom of a roof or around the perimeter of the roof. The fascia boards offer structural support to your guttering, preventing moisture from getting into your house, while the soffits are placed under the eaves of the roof to provide ventilation to your attic. Both elements can also provide protection from pests. Fascias and soffits are two of the most important parts of the roof, and it’s essential to ensure they are kept in good condition.

While cleaning your gutters out regularly (a couple of times per year) can help to keep them in good condition, the fascias and soffits as well as other elements of your roof will eventually show their age and require replacing. It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of mould, as well as warping in the boards or deterioration. Leaky gutters, frost or moisture in the attic and pest infestations are all signs that your fascia and soffit may need to be replaced.

rotten wood fascia and soffits Dublin

If you spot any of the above signs, contact a guttering specialist immediately. This is especially important if your home has wooden fascia, as the wood may become rotten and lead to leaks, damaging the rafters of your home. Check out the video below which shows the “before” situation of a roof prior to repair:

If you spot any of the above signs, contact a guttering specialist immediately. This is especially important if your home has wooden fascia, as the wood may become rotten and lead to leaks, damaging the rafters of your home. Embassy Guttering provide a professional and efficient service to inspect and repair or replace your fascia and soffit boards. Our expert staff will review the condition of your fascia and soffits and provide you with a cost-effective quotation. This efficient service will ensure your roof is maintained to the highest standards, saving you thousands in repair costs in the long-run.

new pvc fascia and soffits Dublin

At Embassy Guttering, we offer high-quality PVC fascia and soffit in Dublin, in white, brown and black to match in with your home’s existing features. The lightweight PVC is incredibly durable, water-resistant and will never free over or rust, making it ideal for Ireland’s unpredictable weather! It is also much cheaper than some other guttering materials, ensuring your home is maintained with the highest quality materials at an affordable price.

Take a look at the “after” situation of the house shown above, with its brand new fascia and soffit installed!

To discover more about Embassy Guttering’s Fascia and Soffit Services, check out our website, contact us on 01 8326266 or email us on today!