Happy New Year – Clean Gutters this Winter

Happy New Year – Clean Gutters this Winter

We wish you a very Happy New Year from Embassy Guttering. We hope you have clean gutters that are winter ready for the icy weather ahead.

This year our workers will be preparing for the winter weather by making providing our customers with clean gutters. Also to be aware when hanging lights and decorations on the exterior of your home.

Many accidents are caused by gutter hooks or lights attached to loose gutters. Please ensure your gutters are secure and strong enough to hold decorations.

Image of winter ready gutters

If your gutters feel loose or unreliable, call a professional for another look. Your gutters may need a repair, clean or replacement.

Before removing the Christmas lights, put safety first and always have another person by your side. Ensure your ladder is stable and durable. Choose a time when the wind and rain is mild.

Check your gutters for any missing or loose shingles as the winter weather can cause more damage. At Embassy Guttering we are experts at fixing any job no matter how big or small.

If you are fearful of ice dams formatting on your roof. Extra insulation in your attic or upper crawlspace can help prevent icy roofs.

In some cases ice can build up in and around your gutters. If this does occur, please do not try scrap or saw the ice away. You may do more damage to your gutters particularly if they are old. The best thing to do is allow the ice to melt away.

If you are in need of having your gutters cleaned, repaired or replaced contact us here 01 832 6266

Check out our home page for more information on all our services HERE.

Image of winter ready gutters

Having your gutters cleaned | Dublin, regularly will save you

Having your gutters cleaned | Dublin, regularly will save you

A lot of homeowners cannot remember the last time their gutters were cleaned, or if they were ever cleaned.

Your gutters play a huge role in maintaining the structure of your home. Regularly cleaned gutters will save you money, save you time and prevent damage to your home.

Image of gutters cleaned | Dublin
Have your gutters cleaned | Dublin by professionals. Credit: Embassy Guttering


Gutters provide a drainage system for rainwater off your roof. This simple job can be stopped by blocked gutters which can then cause irreversible damage.

If you are avoiding having your gutters cleaned | Dublin, blocked damage can result in high repair costs, time wasted and can even result in dampness within the home. This can cause serious health problems for you and your family.

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. The best time to do this is the end of Autumn after plants loose their leaves. Also before the bad winter weather arrives.

Blockage within gutters is the most common causes of badly damaged gutters and can make the exterior of your home unappealing. The blockage is usually due to debris like fallen leaves and moss. One simple way to tell if you’re in need of gutter repairs is to take a step outside while it’s raining – if water is running down the side of your house, it’s likely that your gutters are blocked.

Image of gutters cleaned | Dublin
Have your gutters cleaned | Dublin by professionals. Credit: Embassy Guttering


It is important to hire a professional to clean the gutters properly to avoid further damage. Qualified gutter repair companies will have the proper equipment. A professional will also be able to advise you how to keep your gutters clean.

With Embassy Guttering we offer an excellent cleaning and repair system to all types of gutters. If you are unsure as to what you need give us a call. Please don’t risk going up onto a ladder yourself if you are not confident in doing so, it’s not worth the risk, call us and we will be there as quick as we can.

Embassy Guttering are Dublin’s best gutter cleaning service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

For information about new gutters – visit our new gutters page


Check out our work!

Check out our work!

At Embassy Guttering we take pride in the work we do. We want you to be able to see the work we do before hiring us. We are experts in repairing and installing high quality fascia, soffits and gutters for your home.

Take care of your home and make sure you tackle damaged roofs before it’s too late. Here are some pictures of our recent work.

Working on some damaged gutters in Leixlip earlier today – we offer services including repairing and replacing gutters.


A house in Tallaght needed repaired gutters and new fascia installed. The wood was rotten and dangerously breaking apart from out of date materials and whether damage. We repaired the gutters and replaced the wood quickly and easily.


The facia and soffits are the two most important parts of the roof and we managed to instal new ones along with new gutters before it led to any damage such as leaks or costly repairs.


As you can see from the photos, the old wood being used with rusty nails is severely damaged. The new facia, soffit and gutters make a huge difference to the appearance of your home.


The new fascia, soffit and gutters will never have to be painted again and are a lot more durable then before. They are also easier to keep clean and improve the appearance of your home.