Matching your fascia, soffit & gutters to your windows

Your fascia, soffit and gutters are integral parts to protecting your home from adverse weather conditions. They will run along the edges of your roof and down the side of your home, and you’ll want to ensure that they look good as well as function properly. Choosing the right colour for your fascia, soffit and gutters is key here – you will want them to coordinate well with your home’s existing colour scheme, without standing out too much. The most popular choice is generally to choose a neutral or low-key shade for your trim that blends in seamlessly with your home’s exterior colour scheme. The other option is to look at your window treatments, and consider matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows!

matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows24

Your windows’ trim colour is likely to blend in subtly already with your exterior colour scheme, and many people will choose a neutral theme for these, such as white, black, grey or cream. Other homeowners will choose a colour that provides a delightful contrast to their home’s exterior walls. A traditional-style cottage with white walls may look incredible with a rich shade of red or green along the window trim, and matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to this colour could look equally eyecatching.

Check out this home before we applied a brand new fascia and gutter:

matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows

Now check out the fantastic style of the home after we installed beautiful matching grey fascia and gutters to complement the existing window treatments!

matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows

Depending on the material you choose for your gutters, there is quite a lot of customisation you can do to match in with your window treatments. Aluminium and PVC gutters are available in a wide variety of colours, ensuring you can match your existing colour scheme as closely as possible. Embassy Guttering offer a wide range of guttering solutions so that you have the most aesthetically pleasing style applied to your home, while also ensuring you have only the highest quality materials. We also offer fascia and soffit in white, brown and black to easily blend in with your roofing material. Talk to us today about what treatments we can offer to help you in matching your fascia, soffit and gutters to your windows, and be sure to check out our Facebook page to learn about our recent projects!

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